The Galaxy’s Finest Mystery Pin Set

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The Galaxy’s Finest Mystery Pin Set

“All wings report in!”

The New Republic and the Empire go head to head after the Battle of Endor and continue to deploy squadrons made up of the Galaxy’s Finest against each other. Inspired by the hit game “Star Wars: Squadrons”, we have brought together our favorite helmets from both the New Republic and the Empire! Each faction features 5 variants of helmets. There are also TWO exclusive chase variants!

Each box contains 2 of 10 pins and will include one New Republic helmet as well as one Imperial helmet. Earn your wings and collect them all!

Pin Specs:
- (2) Pins Per Box
- Silver Metal
- Hard Enamel
- Screen Printed Details
- Double post w/ black rubber clutches
- TIE Helmet: Approximately 2.0"
- X-Wing Helmet: Approximately 1.5"
- Punch It Chewie Press backstamp