Galactic Express Logbook

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Galactic Express Logbook

The Galactic Express Logbook is the perfect place to keep your Galactic Stamp Collection! All orders will be stamped with 6 customs stamps from around the galaxy! You’ll get to see each system your order traveled through on its way to you! Collect and keep up to 72 stamps in each Logbook. New to the Galactic Stamp Collecting program? Here’s how it works:

1: All orders placed will be shipped in a bubble mailer and will be stamped with 6 random stamps from the collection!

2: We will be releasing 5 new stamps EVERY MONTH! 3 of the stamps will be available year round, and 2 of the stamps will be available exclusively on the month of their release.

3: Stamp collecting will be 100% FREE and a great way to familiarize yourself with all the different systems and organizations across the galaxy!

4: We’ve always wanted to add an interactive DIY element to our packaging. Once you receive your package, bust out your scissors and Elmer’s glue stick to cut out the newest additions to your collection!

5: Want to upgrade your collection? Our Galactic Express Logbooks will be available to purchase for $10 which makes the perfect place to keep your stamp collection!

And that’s it! We could not be more excited for this project and we hope you are too!