Star Forge

Star Forge

The Star Forge was a giant automated shipyard, designed to create the most powerful army of all time. It was constructed by the Rakatan Infinite Empire in 30,000 BBY, five thousand years before the rise of the Galactic Republic. The Star Forge drew energy and matter from a nearby star which, when combined with the power of the Force, was capable of creating an endless supply of ships, droids, and other war material. Aware of the semi-living superweapon's ability to corrupt its users, Darth Revan limited his contact with the dark side artifact to avoid allowing it to control him as it did the Rakatans. His apprentice Darth Malak, on the other hand, planned to explore deeper into the Star Forge after disposing of his Master.

Pin Specs:

- Silver Metal
- Hard Enamel
- Double post w/ black rubber clutches
- Approximately 2.0”
- Punch It Chewie Press backstamp